Easy DIY projects to start in your backyard

Summer is coming and there is no better time to go outside and enjoy the outdoors by making something new to enjoy this summer.


Outdoor Bar

If you plan on hosting events over the summer, why not show off your handiwork skills by building an outdoor bar? Simple and easy to make, an outdoor bar is versatile and a great addition to a patio or outdoor setting. Outdoor bars can be built from a variety of materials such as concrete, pallets, or wooden offcuts. They are also easily adjusted for your needs, whether you need a standing bar, one that sits 2 or one that sits 10, they are versatile and adjustable.


Beer-Cooler Table

Why build an outdoor table when you can build a table that will keep your beers cold for you? A beer cooler table is easy to make and can be used with standard plans for any outdoor table! Just use an oscillating saw or a multi-tool to cut a space in the middle that will fit your icebox. One you have the hole, measure your icebox so you can build a casing for the underside of the table to hold it in place, remove the lid of your icebox and pop it in. Add ice and beers for an awesome addition to family dinner. You can also specially build an icebox for the table if you have the skillset and resources to do so.


Fire Pit

Building a fire pit can be quicky and easy with the right materials! Using thick garden pavers or masonry blocks, mortar and a fine gravel such as Gap7, a fire pit can be easily built in a day! Your fire pit can be small or large depending on the size of your property.


Outdoor Benches

Now you have your firepit, you need something to sit on as you admire your handiwork and roast marshmallows. Outdoor benches can often be uncomfortable and bulky but if you came one yourself you can customise it to suit your desires. If you want outdoor benches with a back, you can add one! Do you need a space at the end of the bench to put a glass of wine and a dinner plate? You can easily find plans for many styles of outdoor benches that meet your specific desires.


Work Bench

You are going to need somewhere to put your tools and in summer time if you are working on small projects such as birdhouses, why not ensure you can build it outside in the warmth of the sunshine. Outdoor workbenches are a great addition to your DIY creation space and can be a fantastic way to show off your skills and future projects. You can add wheels so you can move it around the property, and you can build one to hold the tools needed for the summer barbeque as well.

Each of these projects can be created efficiently in one weekend, some in an afternoon. They also work out cheaper than customising furniture from a store or paying a joiner to build them for you.


There is nothing more satisfying than looking at something beautiful and realizing that you made it yourself, so jump on board the DIY craze this summer and reap the rewards!

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