What Makes A Good Pergola?

We often see an extended living space in the backyard where you can sit, stay and relax. It is a doorway to the park or garden that consists of a structure that is sometimes also covered with lagging plants. That relaxing extended living space is called a pergola.

Pergola comes from the Italian word, “Pergula”, which refers to a projecting eave, that could be made of wood or steel. You can find pergolas nowadays used as an entrance decoration for buildings, embarkments, and many more. This is also the best spot to sit in during summer days while enjoying the park or outdoor view and setting it for a romantic date at night with attractive lights and added music for a romantic mood.

A good pergola is decorated in different ways. Here are some of the decorative ideas that you may add for a more relaxing and beautiful pergola.

  • Wisteria and Paper Lanterns – You can use these decorations either individually or make them a perfect pair. It would create an out-of-the-ordinary ambiance that you can use on any occasion or something to add to a permanent design.
  • Pergola Blinds – These are the external blinds that give protection to the pergola by simply providing shades against the sun’s light. These pergola blinds, unlike curtains, can be used not just during summer but also in winter, spring, and fall. Whether it gets too hot or too cold during the day until night, you may still entertain your visitor inside your pergola as it gets you protected from the harsh weather as well.Plus, pergola blinds are versatile. Regardless of the color, size, space, and style, this type of blinds surely suits what you required. Also, it keeps privacy from passers-by or neighbors.
  • String Lights – It is commonly seen in the pergolas placed inside the backyard. Installing some accessorized string lights can make a simply furnished pergola shine at night. Aside from the idealistic design that it provides, it also increases the brightness of the ambiance during the party that your family and friends will surely enjoy.
  • Build Planters – There are different kinds of planters that you may use to garnish your pergola. One is the planter boxes which is an excellent way if you would enhance the surroundings of your pergola. Next, the potted plants that you can move anytime to different spots. And the other one is the hanging basket. It is what you usually see wherein the plant is placed inside a case, and the case is put on a higher place by a string or a chain.
  • Homey Swing and a Hammock– It is often seen in the garden or on a porch. You may use either a cozy swing or a hammock in your pergola. To sit on it surrounded by the planters and lights, with a glass of lemonade and a book, leaves you a more unwinding feeling.

There are many ways to improve the arrangement of your pergola. You may also hire an interior designer to make your pergola look more stunning. However, that would cost you several dollars.

Above are just a few of the ideas that you can do yourself to create an extraordinary, well-decorated, and instagrammable pergola that surely adults, teens, and kids would love to stay in and take pictures.

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