How repainting your house can increase it’s sale value

Repainting your house can change it’s resale value drastically. Whether the colour has simply gone out of style, the area itself has changed, or age is starting to show, your house can be left looking fresh and new in only a few days with a new coat of paint.

Repainting a house is a great idea if it has unique features that have gone out of style. Investors and first-home buyers may not enjoy the bright red feature wall in the bathroom, but this can be easily changed to a neutral colour or tone.

Adding a new coat of paint can also make the home seem fresh and vibrant while hiding obvious signs of ageing such as a child’s scribble or scuff marks. Paint can be used to cleverly give the impression of larger rooms or ensure a larger room feels warm and cosy depending on your needs and the needs of investors. If your home has a 1-2 colour theme adding a splash of colour, or a different tone can help keep investors interested by providing them with something exciting to look at amongst the whites and greys.


If you are considering what colour to paint the house, specifically with the intention of selling the property, you should stick to warm, neutral tones. These are best as they go well with almost any style of furniture and fittings ensuring that future buyers can easily imagine themselves living there. When redecorating to sell it is vital to remember that it does not need to entirely match our tastes if it matches the tastes of the general market – especially if you have a slightly more eccentric style.  

We have seen time and time again that the more personalised a home is, the harder it is to sell as it only attracts a small percentage of potential homeowners. Simple does not have to mean boring however and if you have shutters or unique fittings then accentuate the features of the house it is a good idea to use paint to highlight these.

It is also important to remember that if you are painting the exterior of your home you should take note of the other features on the property. Many people will repaint the house but forget to add that extra effort to the fence or the shed which can cause the house to look out of place. The features of your property should look similar and around the same age.

If your home is in really good shape and was recently painted, you can use paint in other areas to increase resale value. Painting steps, adding colour to the front door or staining your deck all add value to the home.

However you choose to style your home for sale a fresh coat of paint could be the difference between the price you want and a little bit more. Paint is the easiest way to renovate your home for resale and is a way to clearly define the house’s character and charm.

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